Prodacapo and Ensolution Healthcare Business Unit join forces.

Prodacapo and Ensolution Healthcare Business Unit join forces to increase focus on the healthcare sector.

Prodacapo has extensive experience in IT solutions for cost monitoring and analysis in healthcare and is working with several healthcare regions in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Prodacapo is part of the LOGEX Group, who delivers data driven healthcare solutions both in Sweden and internationally. LOGEX Group has a broad product portfolio of solutions to help payers and healthcare providers to follow the patient's journey throughout the care process as well as measuring and monitoring both quality and cost outcomes.

For more than twenty years, Ensolution has been developing and delivering IT solutions and services to Scandinavian stakeholders in healthcare. Today, the company cooperates with five Swedish healthcare regions and over 100 municipalities.

In order to invest and focus even further on healthcare solutions, Ensolution and Prodacapo have agreed with the merger of Ensolution’s Healthcare Business Unit and Prodacapo.

With Prodacapo now merging with Ensolution's Healthcare Business Unit, the company’s expertise expands even further and provides the possibility to offer both Prodacapo´s and Ensolution’s healthcare customers an innovative and internationally proven product suite.

-"This is an exciting opportunity", says Fredrik Berns and Marcus Lindvall, senior consultants at Ensolution's Healthcare BU who, along with their colleague Simon Lundin, will be joining the new organisation. "With Prodacapo's and thus also LOGEX Group's organization and development power backing us up, we will now be able to help our customers in an even better way."

- "I am very happy about this merger and that Fredrik, Marcus and Simon have chosen to continue their journey together with us", says Rickard Moestam, Country Manager at Prodacapo Sweden AB. "At LOGEX Group, we gather experience and knowledge in healthcare analytics from several countries to develop world-leading products. Ensolution's experiences from the Scandinavian healthcare sector, which they have gained through a long-term cooperation with their customers, will be a valuable addition to our strong team."


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For more information, please contact:

Rickard Moestam                                                                     Fredrik Berns                                
phone: +46 (0)70 698 25 02                                                     phone: +46 (0)70 917 97 71

Marcus Lindvall                                                                        Simon Lundin                                   
phone: +46 (0)70 917 97 72                                                     phone: +46 (0)70 917 35 37