Prodacapo Costing, version 2019 available now!

On November 29 Prodacapo Costing version 2019 is released. The new version includes many enhanced features for users to work with their health data.

- We develop our products in close cooperation with our customers and end-users. It gives us a unique insight in the challenges our users face daily, and also provides an ability to develop products and services which helps our users to increase the usage areas of health data” says Erika Sundefors, operations manager at Prodacapo Sweden.

A selection of news in Prodacapo Costing 2019:

  • Improved model design support in many different areas, such as an HR data solution which enables automatic allocation of salary costs
  • Extended import/export functionality, including improved logging information with more details and extended reports
  • Full integration with add-on tool Costing Analytics, a functionality based on QlikSense, which provides visual presentation of health care data

- Prodacapo Costing is so much more than just a tool to export mandatory PLC-reports for delivery to authorities, says Amir Shafazand, consultant manager at Prodacapo Sweden. Our customers use the system to provide data that helps them improve their processes and, in the long run, a more efficient and better health care that will benefit the patients.

Prodacapo Costing 2019 are available for all customers on the Prodacapo Support web.