FCG Prodacapo Group Acquires It's Long-term Partner in the UK

FCG Prodacapo Group acquires its long-term partner in the UK. We strengthen our position as a performance management system supplier in social services and healthcare.


FCG Prodacapo Group strengthens its position as performance management system supplier in social services and healthcare.

FCG Prodacapo Group, the leading solution provider in the Nordic countries, specialising in healthcare costing, regional performance management and analytics in health and social care, has strengthened its position by acquiring Bellis-Jones Hill Ltd, a UK-based leading provider of Patient Level Information and Costing Systems (PLICS) and Healthcare Analytics solutions to the NHS.

The acquired company has operated as a reseller of Prodacapo Costing solution for nearly 20 years. Currently, the company has close to 40 NHS trust healthcare customers. 

Healthcare service providers across the globe are shifting towards value-based healthcare. In addition to performance, its objective is to enlarge the focus on health and social care outcomes. As a result, the value of service production is considered to come from the ratio between outcomes and the input required to produce them. Also in the UK, many NHS providers are modifying their operations towards value-based healthcare. The objective of FCG Prodacapo Group and its partners is to provide their customers with a superior solutions and services to be able to take value-based healthcare on use.

Our activities in several European countries open up exceptional opportunities for our customers to increase knowledge transfer and adopt good practices through benchmarking. In addition to having a strong footprint in the Nordics and the UK. FCG Prodacapo Group is looking for controlled growth also in other select market areas.
- In the UK, NHS providers have excellent expertise in costing in the field of healthcare. We are happy and proud for this opportunity to work more closely with them. This acquisition strengthens the position of FCG Prodacapo Group as one of the most significant software companies in Europe in this field. We believe that this expansion triggers benefits for all of our customers, says Kari Lappalainen, CEO of FCG Prodacapo Group.  

- This closer cooperation is a natural extension to our long-term partnership. We are familiar with Prodacapo software solutions, and we value their smooth operating logic and support of advanced analytics. New, regional Prodacapo solutions will allow us to respond to our customers' increasing interest in value-based healthcare, says Philip Garland, CEO of Bellis-Jones Hill Ltd.   

FCG Prodacapo Group

FCG Prodacapo Group was formed in April 2017 as a result of the merger between FCG Datawell and Prodacapo AB in Sweden and is the leading provider of time-driven activity cased costing, performance management solutions and support for Value Based Healthcare across the Nordic market covering Finland, Sweden and Norway. As part of the plan to look for controlled growth in other territories, the recent acquisition of Bellis-Jones Hill in the UK enables the Group to offer a unique range of patient focussed management applications to help healthcare organisations improve their performance.


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FCG Finnish Consulting Group offers services for the development of public services, management consultancy, multidisciplinary training, software business and development, as well as services in infrastructure, environmental and urban design, in Finland and abroad. The company's customers include organisations from the private and public sectors. The company is owned by Kuntaliitto Holding Oy. The FCG Group currently employs approximately 750 people in Finland and abroad.

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