The Future Is Part of Our Solution

The future is part of our solution. We want to incorporate the customer’s demands in the development of new software solutions, says Jussi Järveläinen Director, R&D FCG Prodacapo Finland.

– We want to incorporate the customer’s demands in the development of new software solutions, says Jussi Järveläinen, responsible for product development and product management at FCG Prodacapo Finland. This is what he believes is needed to take the company and their customers into the future. 

It is important to distinguish between what is included in the FCG Prodacapo standard products and what is custom configuring, keeping the products well-defined and guaranteeing a long-term future without technical debt. The products have to be both standardised and flexible. Product strategy is the way to go!

– It simply has to work, that’s my mission, says Jussi Järveläinen. Jussi is an experienced software product development management professional with emphasis and focus on the health-care area, especially in the field of performance management and management information systems.

FCG Prodacapo is a software company that help clients in the health care and other sectors with solutions for revenue and performance management. Examples of implications are cost- and profitability analyses, patient level costing and DRG-grouping. FCG Prodacapo wants to be proactive and identify what is significant for the customers both today and what provides value in the future.

– We adopt new technology and follow all legislative changes. In that way we ensure our products to improve along with the customers and their future needs. It’s a long-term commitment, says Jussi Järveläinen. He himself followed FCG Datawell, where he worked for 23 years, into FCG Prodacapo group. Jussi is one of the earliest employees for Datawell and started as a programmer.

– We have learnt and built lots of IPR (intellectual property rights) during our long history, and based on that I am excited about developing the next generation of solutions, he says.

For 15 years, he has worked with cross-functional development, within various roles as a manager, leader and coach, taking both people in the teams and technology into account. One of his responsibilities is to ensure that the product development can cope with the rapid changes in the market in an agile way. Since FCG Datawell and Prodacapo recently merged and became FCG Prodacapo group, the customer base has become bigger and the flow of information from customers as well as from the market and authorities has increased.

– We see many synergy benefits with the merger: we have a stronger product portfolio, but most importantly, we have many competent and committed developers and consultants.

Where will FCG Prodacapo be in five years?

 – We will be the leading supplier of costing and process management software in the Nordic countries and we exist in other selected European markets. In our development, we will have a high level of automation, and use the latest technology for our software. We will also have the most skilled and motivated co-workers, and we will combine the cost and output measurements to provide decision support for value-based healthcare.
– The health care companies and organisations need to create more value with limited resources and therefor they need more integrated solutions and more standardisations. Costing for instance needs to be done with patient focus, and data from the different systems (e.g. finance, clinical, human resources) must be integrated in order to follow patient path, episode-of-care.

What will be the key to success? 

– To help our customers go further. Many things are uncertain: political risks, organisation changes, new legislation – and we need to take that into consideration. We can offer healthcare providers a structured method and a strong organisation build for development – despite uncertainty. Some cornerstones remain and we have a strong position being resilient to external changes: actual costs, patient processes and their outcomes are always in the core, independently of organizations and regulations.
– Providing working software instead of slideware and thus building customer trust is our mission.

Jussi Järveläinen

Jussi Järveläinen, Director, R&D FCG Prodacapo Finland

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