FCG Prodcadapo Group to Be Leading Solution Provider Within Value-Based Healthcare in the Nordic Market

FCG Prodcadapo Group to Be Leading Solution Provider Within Value-Based Healthcare in the Nordic Market.

FCG Finnish Consulting Group strengthens its position as leading solution provider in social and healthcare. FCG has acquired Swedish Prodacapo AB and the company has been merged with FCG Datawell Oy on April 1 resulting in FCG Prodacapo Group Oy. With the merger, FCG Prodacapo Group will be the leading solution provider within Time-Driven Activity Based Costing (TDABC) and performance management solutions in healthcare industry in the Nordic market. Furthermore the merger creates an unique ability to provide support for Value-Based Healthcare. 

Helsinki based FCG Datawell Oy has subsidiaries also in Sweden (Gothenburg) and in Norway (Oslo). Prodacapo AB is operating from its two Swedish locations (Stockholm and Örnsköldsvik). Through the merger FCG Prodacapo Group will be part of FCG Finnish Consulting Group Ltd, a multi-sectoral consulting group operating worldwide.

The main objective is to create more strategic value for our customers by combining the unique competences and insights of both companies. By harmonizing the offerings with the latest technology, our healthcare and welfare customers will instantly get the most advanced analytical solutions and services for Value-Based Healthcare and Performance Management.
FCG Prodacapo Group increases the investments in continuous development and co-creation with network based ecosystems. Design thinking is the guidance for our further development. The agile and experimental collaboration with our customers will ensure fast and systematic benefits. 

Our activities in several European countries opens up exceptional opportunities for our customers to increase knowledge transfer and adapt best practice through possible benchmarking. In addition to a strong footprint in the Nordics, UK and some other countries, FCG Prodacapo Group is also looking for controlled growth in other targeted markets.

As a part of the arrangements, the team has already been strengthened through several key recruitments. FCG Prodacapo Group invests in being a great place to work with focus on customer-centricity, innovativeness and agility.

This is a continuation of our international strategy. FCG Prodacapo Group as a part of the FCG Finnish Consulting Group Ltd combines two key solution suppliers of the Nordic’s Value Based Healthcare market. We strongly believe, that the merger will diversely benefit our customers in social welfare and healthcare service integration, says Ari Kolehmainen CEO at FCG Finnish Consulting Group Ltd.

Healthcare as an industry is in transition and this will also affect the reimbursement mechanisms. The alignment between cost and quality is more and more essential to recognize. Our advanced solutions will provide analytical insights into what needs to be improved in the constantly renewing healthcare and welfare service networks”, says Kari Lappalainen, nominated CEO at FCG Prodacapo Group.
The merger was quite a natural step for us to take. Service coordination and cost effectiveness are increasingly characterizing the healthcare industry and better management tools are required. We continue to help our customers achieve better and more transparent information about patient processes which will help them to maximize healthcare outcomes, says Rickard Moestam, CEO at FCG Prodacapo Sweden.

About FCG Finnish Consulting Group Ltd

FCG Finnish Consulting Group Ltd is a multi-expertise company that provides services to support organizational, social and public sector development as well as services in infrastructure, environmental and urban design and in multidisciplinary training. The company’s clients represent a broad range of private and public sector organizations worldwide. The headquarters is located in Helsinki, Finland. The owner is Kuntaliitto Holding Ltd. www.fcg.fi  

About FCG Datawell Oy

FCG Datawell Oy has served healthcare organizations in the Nordic countries for over 25 years. Offices are situated in Helsinki (HQ), Gothenburg and Oslo. The long-term cooperation with the customers has given the company a strong special expertise in the area of performance management and patient level costing in healthcare.

About Prodacapo AB

Prodacapo AB was founded in Sweden in 1994 and has over 60 healthcare customers using their solutions. Offices are situated in Stockholm and Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. The core of the offering has always been process- and activity based management, and this has been adopted to the needs within the welfare and healthcare sectors. 

For further information, contact
Ari Kolehmainen, CEO FCG Finnish Consulting Group Ltd
ari.kolehmainen@fcg.fi, mobile: +358 44 7046252
Kari Lappalainen, CEO FCG Prodacapo Group Oy
kari.lappalainen@prodacapo.com, mobile: +358 40 5805675
Rickard Moestam, CEO FCG Prodacapo Sweden AB
rickard.moestam@prodacapo.com, mobile: +46 706982502