Patient and episode secondary classification solutions for Social and Health Care

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Prodacapo offers a comprehensive set of patient and episode grouping tools and services for its Finnish and international clients in the healthcare sector. These secondary classification tools are necessary in productizing and billing social and health care services, and for supporting regional analytics in the context of integrated care and value-based care. Productization tools are used both in reimbursement and provide a clear view for internal profitability analytics, care provision planning and internal and external (national) benchmarking. Regional integrated care management requires episode of care (patient pathway) views that combine primary, specialized and social care events at a level suitable for analytics and follow-up at episode of care level.

Combining actual patient level costing (PLC) information to patient and episode of care grouped data provides even more valuable insights into profitability and value of care. Actual cost is easily integrated from Prodacapo Costing solutions.

Prodacapo provides solutions for the following secondary classification systems either as stand-alone solutions or as ready-made integrated solutions to the Prodacapo Region product. Some products require 3rd party logic licenses.


  • NordDRGTM is a patient classification system for specialized care. Prodacapo provides multiple grouper applications and APIs for system integration. Prodacapo is a certified NordDRGTM grouper vendor by Nordic Casemix Center. NordDRGTMlogic is owned by Nordic Casemix Center and its owners in the Nordic countries.
  • pDRGTM/EPR is a patient classification and standard episode of care grouping system for primary care and specialized care. Prodacapo provides these groupers integrated with Prodacapo Region. pDRGTM/EPR logic is owned by the Finnish Association of Local and Regional Authorities.
  • Social and Health care information packages is a service grouping system based on specifications by the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. This secondary classification covers the whole social and health care sector, but requires customer organization specific configurations, which are easily implemented and validated by using the end-user UI application included in Prodacapo’s solution. Prodacapo’s implementation has been audited by national authorities.
  • Prodacapo’s Patient Pathway Analyzer provides tools for implementing standard and custom episode of care logic with an optional analytics part including but not limited to graphical regional patient-flow process analytics. This tool allows region specific care path definitions, building episodes of care from base data and provides follow-up analytics.
  • Prodacapo provides also productized solutions for custom case-mix definition implementations based on its generic grouping technology (YAGG) and multi-variable transformations included in the Prodacapo Region system.


In addition to these, Prodacapo is actively researching national and international modern secondary classification systems to be included in the comprehensive product portfolio.

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